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Player: Kristine

Name: King Richard
Alias: The One True King, various nicknames (Dickie, Dick, Rick, Rich), various honorifics, various insults
Age/Birthdate: 45, born 1212
Species: Human (though possibly descended from a god and a mermaid)
Gender: Male
Canon: Galavant (musical comedy fairy-tale TV-series)
Canon point: year ~1257, between episodes 2x5 and 2x6
Played By: Timothy Omundson

Abilities: Ruling a kingdom with varying degrees of success. Being able to use the magical Hero Sword, which can penetrate practically anything, and only be pulled free by the One True King. Also, (baby) dragon handling, unicorn befriending, decoupage, and dressing fabulously.

Appearance: 183 cm/6 feet tall, white, medium build. Luxuriously curly hair and magnificent beard, both dark but greying. Very physically expressive and childlike. Also flamboyant, though less so than he used to be. Likes to wear velvet, furs and leather. Also jewelry, but mostly just an earring and a couple rings. He cares about his appearance and likes picking outfits, though losing his title and living on the road has forced him to be more practical. Once he discovers the marvels of NYC fashion, he'll reclaim some of his pomp.

Canon outfitsModern outfits

Personality: Loyal, emotional, optimistic, trusting, impatient, outgoing, playful, self-indulgent, hot-headed, idealistic, ditzy, forgiving, tactless, clumsy, brave, insecure, whiny, short-sighted, pompous, impulsive, animal-loving, sincere.

See App for more in-depth.

History: Richard was born in 1211, the second son of a king, his ancestors said to be a god and a mermaid. He took the throne at age 10, after his brother refused it when their father died. He had an unhappy childhood, loved only by his nanny and his personal guard Gareth. He was not a particularly good ruler, even in adulthood.

In 1255, he kidnaps a woman named Madalena - though she marries him by choice (dumping her lover Galavant), and Richard respects her (fake) vow of chastity. She then makes him invade the Kingdom of Valencia. He tries desperately to please her, even as he learns she's cheating on him with the jester. (He then also befriends her lover.)

After discovering more of her clandestine schemes and doing a little soul-searching (and Xanax), he finally decides to throw her in the dungeon. However, he is interrupted as his brother arrives and takes over Richard's rule. Richard challenges him to a duel, and decides he's going to fight it himself. More nonsense ensues, until Gareth sends Richard home to his own kingdom to save his life, on a pirate ship, escorted and protected by the hero Galavant.

They eventually make it back to Richard's kingdom, where they discover his people has implemented a democracy and dismantled his castle. He also learns that Madalena murdered his brother and took Gareth as her new king. On a more positive note, he also draws the Hero Sword, proving (unbeknownst to himself) that he is the One True King.

Lost for what to do now, as being a king is the only thing he knows how to do, he joins Galavant in his quest to raise an army, save the Princess of Valencia, and help her retake her kingdom from Queen Madalena. During the following adventures, he acquires a few more travelling companions: his childhood friend Roberta, a baby dragon he names Tad Cooper, and the horse Prince.

Family: Father (estranged, closeted gay, deceased when Richard was 10), mother (estranged, deceased), nanny (only loving parental figure, deceased), older brother (betrayed by, recently murdered), "uncle" (living happily in the Enchanted Forest with his boyfriend Destiny)

Inventory: Clothing: leather coat, leather vest, belt, linen shirt, underclothes, trousers, stockings, leather boots. Dagger and sheath. The Hero Sword, with belt and sheath. Linen shoulder-bag carrying baby dragon Tad Cooper. The horse Prince with saddle and reins. Bedroll and a few adventurer items.

Type: Hufflepuff, Sagittarius, ENFJ, Lawful Good, The Innocent/Jester/Ruler, Optimist, Romantic, Fire, Sanguine

Regarding the username:
royaldick: (For realsies)
How to reach player?
Trillian: harbek
AIM: krharbek
Email: krharbek on gmail

[Out Of Character]
Backtagging with this character: Always.
Threadhopping with this character: Just ask first.
Fourthwalling: Sure, his canon is very meta.
Canon puncture: Sure, but do you want to confuse this poor man even more?
Offensive subjects: None in particular.

[In Character]
Gender/pronouns: Male, he/him.
Sexual/romantic orientation: Ace-spectrum, probably bi-romantic.
Hugging this character: YES!
Flirting with this character: He won't notice. At all.
Giving this character a kiss: Yes.
Something more intimate: Well, he's a virgin, so good luck?
Relationships: Sure, but it's gonna take work.
Dub-con/non-con/sexual assault: Probably not.
Fighting with this character: Yes!
Injuring this character: Yeees.
Killing this character: Frequently, but only in dreams probably.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go for it.


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